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We are in midst of the rise in functional wellness trends across our day-to-day lifestyle at home and our workplace. Nutrition choices, food and beverage, are in a direct alignment to the wellbeing objectives and functional improvement areas we are seeking to accomplish. In meeting these goals, natural bioactives have become key ingredients to support functional wellness areas such as sports nutrition, energy & sleep, mood & anxiety, immunity and weight management.

However, food and beverage brands are currently missing their true potential of delivering optimal bioactives-fortified products to the market. Because of notoriously foul-tasting experiences and low bioavailability of these natural bioactives, manufacturers cannot optimally incorporate these ingredients into “conventional” food and beverage products even at low and ineffective dosing levels beverages

Vital Solution

Vital’s micro-encapsulation technology enables food and beverage brands to produce and deliver high quality products fortified with natural bioactives supporting a new set of functional wellness areas while evading foul-tasting effects and low bioavailability.

Vital’s NT2 (Nutrient Transport Technology) innovative platform permits food-grade micro-encapsulation of natural bioactive ingredients while providing a powerful combination of the following disruptive technological properties:

  • Consumer-recognized impact, typically within 15 – 30 minutes from consumption
  • Complete foul-taste isolation and superb mouthfeel even at ultra-high & effective dosing levels
  • Pharma-class properties in food-grade GRAS micro-encapsulated powder: Controlled/Sustained release; improved solubility and improved bioavailability
  • Transparent incorporation into challenging manufacturing and logistics SOPs
  • COGS adopted to the requirements of the food and beverage industry


Differentiate your brand

Unleash your brands’ competitive edge with NT2 powered functional formulations

Join global wellness growth

Deliver a far better and more effective wellness experience comparing to alternative dietary supplement pills

Powerful applications; superb experience

You no longer need to compromise a superb sensory experience at the expense of poor functionality

Seamless brand extension

Supplement your brands, with NT2 formulations, without modifications to your standard SOPs

Aplication Example

A pre-workout sports nutrition product using NT2 formulations, for enhancing mental performance and prolonged power output of amateur athletes during a typical 60 – 90 minutes training session. The effective, high-dose formulation, transparently embedded into a “conventional” protein bar, incorporates the following bioactives:

  • Elevated power output and enhanced mental endurance based on Sustained-release Caffeine using the NT2 CaffeineCSR™ ingredient
  • Elevated muscle power output using the NT2 CreatineEBA™ ingredient
  • Prevention of muscle cramps using the NT2 GingerCSR™ ingredient
  • Prevention of DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) using the NT2 CurcuminEBA ingredient
  • Prevention of muscle cramps enhancing Curcumin bioavailability enhancement using the NT2 PiperineEBA™ ingredient