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Pharma-class ingredient properties in food-grade GRAS delivery


The best and most consumer-convenient delivery method of essential botanicals, amino acids, minerals and vitamins is through food and beverage products. Unfortunately, these powerful bioactives are frequently characterized by challenging properties, even at low and ineffective dosing levels, such as foul taste, low bioavailability, gastrointestinal side effects and spike/crash phenomena.

As a result, most of today’s delivery “platforms” of natural bioactives is confined to capsules, tablets and softgels; where impactful formulations of natural bioactives mandate a handful of pills per episode, a requirement most consumers reject.

Vital Solution

Vital’s novel micro-encapsulation NT2 (Nutrient Transport Technology) technology, designed for delivery in food and beverage products, facilitates adding advanced pharma-class properties to your functional ingredients, while maintaining its food-grade GRAS status. Together with Vital Technologies, you can build and design new micro-encapsulated ingredients to serve the benefits of your food & beverage customers

Each of your company’s ingredient undergoing micro-encapsulation by Vital’s NT2 (Nutrient Transport Technology), is enhanced with a powerful combination of the following disruptive technical properties:

  • Fast-acting, consumer-recognized impact, typically within 15 – 30 minutes from consumption
  • Complete foul-taste isolation, even at high and effective dosing levels
  • Pharma-class properties in food-grade GRAS micro-encapsulated powder: controlled/ sustained release, improved solubility and improved bioavailability
  • Transparent incorporation into the detrimental manufacturing conditions of food and beverage products


Extend Your Market

Extend your market to food and beverage brand customers

Differentiate Your Ingredients

Provide your ingredients unparalleled functionality your competition cannot provide

Consumer Recognized Impact

Consumers will recognize the positive wellness impact of NT2 ingredients within minutes to hours

Superb Consumption Experience

Provide powerful functionality without impacting mandatory superb consumption experience

Seamless Integration

Your Food and beverage customers can incorporate NT2 ingredients & formulations into their brands without modifications to their standard SOPs

Aplication Example

Capsaicin is a potent bioactive for abdominal fat reduction, characterized by the following negative properties: ultra-pungent taste even at miniscule dosing levels, stomach irritation side effects, limited bioavailability; and a short window of activity.

Vital Technologies’ innovative NT2 platform, facilitates the resolution of all these inherent technical limitations of Capsaicin by:

  • Completely taste-isolating the pungent taste in its food and beverage products delivery
  • Elevating its dosing level with no impact on food/beverage taste and mouthfeel
  • Enhancing its bioavailability, protecting Capsaicin with a shell that disintegrates only in the small intestines
  • Slowly releasing Capsaicin in the small intestines and colon to expand its effectiveness “window”.