SOLUTION Ingredient Distributors

Providing your food and beverage customers the powerful functionality they always envisioned


Each of your food and beverage customers dreams of differentiating itself by adding powerful, consumer-recognized functionality to its beloved brands. In line with today’s trends, natural bioactives are key ingredients for supporting functional wellness areas such as sports nutrition, energy & sleep, mood & anxiety, immunity, and weight management.

Unfortunately, when not secured by capsules and tablets, both food-grade natural bioactives and dietary supplements, especially botanical extracts, are frequently characterized by an unbearable taste, low bioavailability, gastrointestinal side effects, and spike and crash phenomena.

As superb consumption and sensory experience are both mandatory acceptance thresholds, food and beverage brands are today forced to select consumption experience over the desired market-differentiating functionality.

Vital Solution

Vital’s novel micro-encapsulation NT2 (Nutrient Transport Technology) technology provides ingredient distributors with a new portfolio of commercially available, micro-encapsulated natural bioactive ingredients. This broad set of ingredients can be transparently incorporated into a variety of dry and powdered food and beverage branded products.

Each of Vital’s NT2 micro-encapsulated ingredients, provides a powerful combination of the following disruptive technological properties:

  • Consumer-recognized impact, typically within 15 – 30 minutes from consumption
  • Complete foul-taste isolation, even in high and effective dosing levels
  • Pharma-class properties in food-grade GRAS micro-encapsulated powder: controlled/ sustained release; improved solubility and improved bioavailability


Brand Differentiation

Unleash your customers brand’ competitive edge with NT2 powered functional ingredients & formulations

Consumer Recognized Impact

Your customers’ consumers will recognize the positive wellness impact of NT2 ingredients within minutes to hours

Superb Consumption Experience

Your customers’ brand will now combine powerful functionality without impacting superb consumption experience

Seamless Integration

Your customers can incorporate NT2 ingredients & formulations into their brands without modifications to their standard SOPs

Aplication Example

A pre-workout sports nutrition based on the NT2 formulation, for enhancing mental endurance and prolonged power output of amateur athletes during a typical 45 – 90 minutes training session. The effective, high-dose formulation, delivered in capsules or as add-on powder to protein drinks, incorporates the following bioactives:

  • Elevated power output and enhanced mental endurance based on Sustained-release Caffeine using the NT2 CaffeineCSR™ ingredient
  • Elevated muscle power output using the NT2 CreatineEBA™ ingredient
  • Prevention of muscle cramps using the NT2 GingerCSR™ ingredient
  • Prevention of DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) using the NT2 CurcuminEBA ingredient
  • Prevention of muscle cramps enhancing Curcumin bioavailability enhancement using the NT2 PiperineEBA™ ingredient