SOLUTION Pharma Companies

Taking Standardized Dietary Supplement Formulations To the Next Pharma-class Level


Pharma companies provided industry leadership by applying rigorous pharma-level product standardization to their botanical and dietary supplement products portfolio. In contrast to their drug products, most frequently with a single API, dietary supplement products can each incorporate an array of natural APIs without regulatory limitation.

Unfortunately, many botanical APIs and other dietary supplement APIs are frequently characterized by a combination of the following unattractive technical limitations: low purity of the APIs in the raw material, notoriously foul-taste (outside pills and capsules), low water-solubility, low bioavailability, gastrointestinal side effects; and spike-and-crash phenomena.

As consumers are reluctant to take more than 2 pills/capsules in a single episode, frequently, pharma companies are forced to compromise the effectiveness of their formulations in favor of a tolerable consumption experience, especially with children and the elderly.

Vital Solution

Vital Technologies’ novel NT2 (Nutrient Transport Technology) micro-encapsulation technology enables, for the first time, to provide effective (and high) dose, multi-API formulations of natural APIs in a liquid format, while maintaining a superb taste, mouth feel and consumption experience. A formulation originally requiring 3 – 30 capsules in a single episode, is enjoyably provided in a 30-60cc / 1-2 oz. flavored formulation/beverage.

Vital Technologies’ innovative NT2 technology platform offers Pharma companies the ability to deliver food-grade micro-encapsulation of any natural active, and provides a powerful combination of the following disruptive technological properties:

  • Consumer-recognized impact, typically within 15 – 30 minutes from consumption
  • Pharma-class properties in food-grade GRAS micro-encapsulated powder: controlled/ sustained release, improved solubility and improved bioavailability
  • Complete foul-taste isolation for all ingredient categories: water-soluble, organic-soluble and oil-soluble


Enhance your brand’s efficacy

Provide higher (and more) effective dosing levels without sacrificing consumer compliance

Enjoy impact recognition

Your consumers will timely recognize the enhanced wellness impact of your NT2-empowered supplements and formulations

Superb consumption experience

Convert your dream multi-ingredient formulation from a handful of capsules into an enjoyable low-volume liquid formulation

Pharma technology; Food-grade Product

Provide each one of your natural APIs the range of pharmaceutical-level properties, while maintaining food-grade compliance

Aplication Example

A multi-ingredient liquid formulation for the elderly population suffering from compromised energy levels during the day, incorporating the following botanical APIs:

  • Elevated power output and enhanced mental endurance based on Sustained-release Caffeine using thet NT2 CaffeineCSR™ ingredient
  • Improved mood and wellbeing based on sustained-release (6-8 hours) Ginseng – using the NT2 GinsengCSR ™ ingredient
  • Powerful alleviation of neuro-inflammation – using the NT2 TurmericEBA™ ingredient
  • Bio-enhancement of Curcumin absorption – using the NT2 PiperineEBA™ ingredient