SOLUTION Supplement Brands

Extending your premium branded supplements line with consumer-recognized impactful ingredients


Covid-19 generated an unprecedented growth in the global dietary supplements market. Aligned with consumer’s expectation for clear and noticeable improvements by using branded supplement products , growing number of branded supplement companies, continue to expand their product portfolios with combination formulations. These new formulations support consumer’s demand in areas such as immunity, energy & sleep, mood & anxiety, weight management and sports nutrition.

Unfortunately, dietary supplements, especially botanical extracts, are very limited in their effectiveness. This is an outcome of one or a combination of the following technical limitations: low water solubility, low bioavailability, spike and crash phenomena; and generation of gastro-intestinal side-effects. Furthermore, most supplements are notoriously foul-tasting, so they must be delivered in capsules, tablets and softgels. Multi-ingredient formulations are typically limited to up to 3 capsules/tablets, the maximum consumer threshold for a single episode.

Vital Solution

Vital Technologies’ novel NT2 (Nutrient Transport Technology) micro-encapsulation technology enables supplement brands to expand their premium supplement line, with a new portfolio of commercially available, micro-encaplsuated natural bioactives ingredients, to be incorporated both in capsules/tablets, as well as in a variety of mix-n-drink formats or within health and protein bars.

Vital Technologies’ NT2 innovative platform delivers food-grade micro-encapsulation of any dietary ingredient, and provides a powerful combination of the following disruptive technological properties:

  • Consumer-recognized impact, typically within 15 – 30 minutes from consumption
  • Pharma-class properties in food-grade GRAS micro-encapsulated powder: controlled/ sustained release, improved solubility and improved bioavailability
  • Complete foul-taste isolation for all ingredient categories, in the event of replacing a “traditional” capsule-based delivery with a tasty mix-n-drink functional beverage formulation (up to 60 capsules/tablets per single sitting)


Differentiate your brand

Unleash your brands’ competitive edge with NT2 powered functional formulations

Join global wellness growth

Deliver a far better and more effective wellness experience comparing to alternative dietary supplement pills

Powerful applications; superb experience

You no longer need to compromise a superb sensory experience at the expense of poor functionality

Seamless brand extension

Supplement your brands, with NT2 formulations, without modifications to your standard SOPs

Aplication Example

Capsaicin is a potent bioactive for abdominal fat reduction, characterized by the following negative properties: ultra-pungent taste even at miniscule dosing levels, stomach irritation side effects, limited bioavailability; and a short window of activity.

Vital Technologies’ innovative NT2 platform, facilitates the resolution of all these inherent technical limitations of Capsaicin by:

  • Completely taste-isolating the pungent taste in its food and beverage products delivery
  • Elevating its dosing level with no impact on food/beverage taste and mouthfeel
  • Enhancing its bioavailability, protecting Capsaicin with a shell that disintegrates only in the small intestines
  • Slowly releasing Capsaicin in the small intestines and colon to expand its effectiveness “window”.