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DAB - Dietetic Advisory Board


Hebrew, English


Tel-Hai Academic College, Sackler Faculty of Medicine Tel Aviv University


Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutritional Science
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology PhD Student in Exercise Physiology

Certifications or Credentials:

Registered Dietitian (RD)

Professional Association:

Israel Dietetic Association (ATID)
Israel Society of Sports Medicine


Israel Dietetic Association (ATID)

Special Focus:

Nutrition, Sports nutrition, Sport supplements, Exercise physiology,
Micronutrients & Bioactive components


Guy Shalmon, holds 3 academic degrees in the fields of nutrition, physiology and physical training. In his work at the academy, he teaches and certifies students as well as their professional mentor in the field. Guy is an expert in the field of nutritional supplements and their clinical impact in humans.
As part of his work, he accompanies and is a professional consultant to large food companies and nutritional supplement companies in Israel, and he is also a partner in the development of a number of leading products that have come out and succeeded in the market. Guy is an active researcher at the Silvan Adams Institute for Sports at Tel Aviv University, where he performs intensity tests and effort for athletes, researches mechanisms and examines their connection to the gut microbiome.